Naman Film Fill
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Welcome To Naman Film Fill

NAMAN is a Industry which deals with the PVC Fills having interaction of air & other gases, water and heat. Today NAMAN is the leading supplier of plastic fill media for COOLING TOWERS. Mechanical strength and durability, high efficiency and installations are all enhance by NAMAN Developments. Our field service personnel’s provide a full range of post services ranging from installation assistance to maintenance, planning and system upgrade recommendations. Our Commitment demands the delivery of the best plastic fill media available anywhere we keep in mind client's prerequisites and accordingly our products are constantly upgraded and meet the industry set standards.

Naman Film Fill
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Manpower with vast specialized experience in film packing manufacturing is the back
This are available in this size.
This Fills is used as a Eliminator on the top of cooling Tower.
This Fills is used on top of cooling tower so that water drops doesn’t flow out of  The tower.  
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